I just realized I haven’t posted since January…and here it is, March.

Actually, that’s kind of disingenuous. I’ve been staring at my website gallery and blog for weeks and weeks and thinking I should update. I’m full aware I haven’t posted in ages.

Ever hear that old t-shirt slogan from the 70’s: “The hurrier I go, the behind I get!” …? That’s kind of how it’s been. And it doesn’t help that for every new idea I run after, another one distracts me. Seriously, I need 38 hours in a day and three more of Me.

Or maybe I should just cut back on the coffee…


Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) has this notion that social media platforms like Instagram might not be around forever; in fact, they probably won’t. So his idea (and I’m not saying it’s incorrect by any means) is that all of us creative types should be putting out as much content as possible as often as possible. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, your best or not, you should just keep putting your stuff out there.

It’s hard to maintain that kind of output. And it’s counterintuitive for an artist to display anything but the stuff they consider their best. But, as the hockey saying goes, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

So if you have the puck, take the shot.

In between everything else I’m taking a writing course and trying to make time to finally start modelling my own work. Not kidding; I need three more of me.

Well, let’s get caught up and look at some new stuff.

These speeder bikes were a fun project. I actually started with the broken-down version, then I had to work backwards to clean it up. Then I made a couple more versions.

With the blue one I wanted to capture that 1950s car vibe: baroque design, excess marketed as luxury, chrome trim everywhere.

The green one is the cheap-as-chips utilitarian version. No chrome, just industrial standard green paint. Inspired by a vacuum cleaner we had when I was a kid.

Then there were some storyboards…ish.

And that’s it for now. Of course there’s more, but this post is long enough.

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