One month.

I took a month to familiarize myself with DAZ Studio, in particular with the functions I use most often in PoserPro 11. 

It wasn’t that difficult to learn. And I’m way impressed with the results.

DAZ Studio has streamlined my workflow, especially in terms of time. I get better results from Studio, quicker than in Poser, because for one thing I’m not spending hours using workarounds in order to do something that the program has the ability to do, but was never actually designed to do. Using Poser involves a lot of problem solving if you’re using it at some kind of advanced level. With Studio, though there was definitely much to learn, if I needed to figure out how to do something, it was pretty straightforward. 

I didn’t need to refer to any forum or tutorial to accomplish what I accomplished this month. That surprised me. The common refrain amongst a subset of Poser users is how “difficult and complicated” DAZ Studio is. Well, that’s just a lie. It isn’t. I would say, after having used Poser for a decade or so, that Poser is by nature far more complex. The people who say Poser isn’t complex are the people who’ve used it for decades and forget what it’s like to be a new user.

I haven’t done anything particularly “advanced” in Studio, though I don’t know at this point what “advanced” would be. I have yet to fiddle properly with DForce and shaders/layered textures. But if they are anything like Poser, even remotely like Poser’s cloth sims and Superfly layers, I won’t be too bothered while I get a handle on them. By the way, the Ubershader …and Iray… these are what Superfly and the Physical Surface Root Node aspire to be.

I’m going to state this again for the record: I’m annoyed that I ever listened to the Poser Partisan Propagandists who said Poser is so vastly superior to DAZ Studio. Lies, lies, lies. Just not true. Poser is capable, even amazing at times, and I got some very satisfying results from using it. 

If I had taken the time, made the effort, stopped listening to the anti-DAZ bigots pro-Poser-only fanatics, I could have been doing so much more, so long ago. Ugh. Frustrating, when I know it’s the art that counts, the result, and not the tool(s) used to make it.

A few years ago, someone stated that they had to make the choice to leave Poser behind. They said it was ultimately a business decision. That’s the point I’m at, now. I can do more, faster, with more efficiency, more successfully, with DAZ Studio, than I can presently with Poser.

I’ll still use Poser to export the models I’ve made over the years, or maybe continue to make things in Poser for export to Studio. But my main software is now, and has to be, DAZ Studio. Unless the next version of Poser progresses by leaps and bounds, I won’t be purchasing it again. For my current workflow, there is no reason for me to buy it again.

I also want to be very clear about one more thing. A big part of why I decided to take the risk of investigating DAZ Studio is the toxicity of the Poser community.

The Poser Community, specifically on the Official Poser Forum. It is still a toxic stew of angry, grandstanding, infighting, sniping, misogynistic, misinformation-spreading, know-it-alls with a Junior High behaviour complex. They have shown, again and again, total disregard for the warning posted on the forum about behaviour. Of course, no one has actively enforced the rules, either, so…you get what you allow. And what you allow is what people see. And what people see… is what my friends and I refer to as Mos Eisley.

And I’m pretty sure you know what Ben Kenobi said about Mos Eisley.

All in all it’s been a sad and frustrating experience watching the Poser community shoot itself in the foot repeatedly. There are thousands of Poser users out there. They want to learn and be encouraged to learn. They don’t want to listen to a handful of angry people yelling at each other about things they’ve yelled at each other about for decades. This half-a-dozen people are a tiny, tiny slice of the overall Poser user base…but they scream the loudest. It’s really not cool.

Anyway, I have work to do, using the new toolset I’ve just learned how to use. In the meantime, here are some of the things I posted on Instagram while I was learning.

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