Freddie Mercury Tribute.

I’m so under-caffeinated I almost titled that “Freddie Mercury Trilobite”… ? I’ve wanted to do a Freddie Mercury tribute of some kind for years. As this year marks the 25th anniversary of his passing, I figured that now was the time. With any tribute to someone famous — an actual, real-life person, let alone someone […]

Desert snow.

Recently I’ve had to do a lot of wintry stuff. Lots of snow and ice. Ice is relatively easy to get right in cg, compared with snow. Lots of artists just throw down a layer of white stuff and are done with it. It “represents” snow, the viewer interprets it as snow, and Bob’s your uncle. [DISCLAIMER: […]

Adventures in Poser Pro 11.

It’s been interesting to watch Poser Pro 11 over the past nearly-year. It seems that what I thought would happen and posted about in the old blog last year (R.I.P. old blog) is now actually happening: people are finally getting the hang of Superfly/Cycles shaders. I think this is something that should’ve happened half a year […]

Behind the scenes… Airspeeders.

Well, I said I would be posting about works in progress, so here goes… This summer’s learning revolved around these. I’ve been kitbashing for a while, but only recently have I figured out a few things that have let me push my skills a bit further. Most of those discoveries were made while constructing these airspeeders. […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the most recent incarnation of the Souvenir Photos From An Alternate Universe blog. This blog will mostly consist of posts about work in progress and behind the scenes stuff, but I’ll also talk about topics related to digital art, etc. Stay tuned.