Freddie Mercury Tribute.

I’m so under-caffeinated I almost titled that “Freddie Mercury Trilobite”… ?

I’ve wanted to do a Freddie Mercury tribute of some kind for years. As this year marks the 25th anniversary of his passing, I figured that now was the time.

With any tribute to someone famous — an actual, real-life person, let alone someone who is still a beloved hero for many people, in a pose that is absolutely iconic for that person — it’s daunting to even consider doing a tribute. And I admit I’m ambivalent about the results.

It’s not perfect, though I knew it wouldn’t be. I had some items in my 3D collection that could pass for Freddie’s famous yellow jacket and track pants — but I felt that this was going to be akin to a kid’s well-intentioned Halloween costume: enough to know what it represents, but it wouldn’t fool anyone in a police lineup. I did some judicious photoshoppery to suggest various details that were missing from the actual models.

Getting the pose close to correct was challenging, especially working with a 3-dimensional figure. Drawing something flat, in 2D, is arguably easier. In three dimensions, the figure has to be posed just right to look just right, and the pose will change with the camera angle and the rotation of the figure. Yeesh.

Study the various photos of this pose, as well as his statue. His pose is more than just feet spread wide, arm raised. His pelvis, neck, and torso — and his right arm — are doing some fairly odd things in the heat of the moment, and it was challenging to capture it.  I’m pretty sure Freddie was actually made of rubber bands.

So…why is it out of focus? Two reasons… One, in all honesty, was to disguise the fact that it’s not a perfect likeness. 😉 Two, a bit of symbolism I suppose. It’s been 25 years since Freddie Mercury died, and close to 50 years since Queen was formed. Things are getting a little hazy. But Freddie will never completely fade away. A performer like him, a voice like his? Never. Somewhere out there, he’s still in the spotlight.

Anyway, end of excuses, here it is, and such as it is, it is. You know it’s Freddie. That’s what counts for me.

RIP Freddie. Your voice is immortal.

A depiction of Freddie Mercury in his famous arm-raised pose, alone on a stage, against a black background. He is slightly out of focus.

(Click for big. The size of this version is 1200px wide. The actual render is 2400px wide.)