LA ‘Cuda

Assembled in Poser Pro 11 and rendered in Superfly.   I’ve had great fun tarting up this Hemicuda in a nu-early-80’s kind of way with some of the hallmarks I remember from growing up: sidepipes, fender flares, and fat 14- and 15-inch 60-series tires. To get the rear tires to clear I had to do […]

Painted Jet.

A bit of a look behind the scenes. Before I decided to go with a polished aluminum finish in the final Silver Jet render, I experimented with some worn paint textures. I like the look of old warbirds with chipped paint on leading edges and around panels that are regularly removed for maintenance. I also […]

Fully original update.

Wow, I haven’t updated for a long time. I’ve been busy. Last summer my wife wrote a series of children’s books and one of the things that’s kept me occupied is trying to figure out how to illustrate them. I’ve had to think a little differently in order to do this, slightly simplifying what I […]

Carrie Fisher

(Posting this again …but for the first time… because I mistakenly posted the original on my old WordPress site. Oops.) A little over a year ago I was asked about “my women”… all the women who appear in my illustrations. There are a lot of them, I suppose (in my illustrations that actually feature any […]